Leather Care, Cleaning and restoration

Leather has many varied uses and there are many different types and finishes i.e. Suede, Ananline, Pigmented , Nu buck. etc.

Leather is a great covering held in high esteem in many areas of our homes ,businesses , workplaces and also very popular in our personal use.

Leather is not only comfortable it is maintainable .With the right treatments your leather products can retain their investment and longevity.

Our popular deep clean safely removes soils that have built up and any stains can be dealt with at this time.

Once we have your items fresh and clean your technician will discuss post treatments available such as protectors, future maintenance , or even restorative works if needed.

Common problems we also come across include scuffs, scratches , cracks and splits.

Colours may look dull and tired due to soiling and wear.

Colour loss can also occur due to incorrect cleaning and stain treatments.

Our skilled technicians have been highly trained to correctly identify and treat your leather according to its needs providing best in industry practice and standards at all times.

Using a bespoke range of products we can re condition and revive your leather goods helping you to save money and make the most from your hard earnt goods.

If you are looking for a change we can even re colour your tired old suite to match the new décor !

The colours are sourced from manufactures stock and are guaranteed to last.

For a healthy non toxic and effective solution for all your leather needs we are always happy to provide a free no obligation quote.